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A     D  I  V  I  S  I  O  N     O  F   C  O  R  B  Y     P  U  B  L  I  S  H  I  N  G
                                                   and we're glad you stopped by. Corby Books has been publishing books on important topics since 2007. From the fields of Saigon to the gridiron glory of Notre Dame, Corby Books boasts a diverse line of genres including fiction, self-help, sports, and spirituality, as well as contemporary affairs. People • Current Events • Causes • Entertainment. Corby Publishing offers quality books on matters of interest. See what we’re all about.

On This Page We Present Some of Corby's Featured Books that you will find on the following pages!
Listed on our Notre Dame Page
This volumes tells the stories of 70 African-American graduates that span from 1944 over the next 70 years 
at Notre Dame.
Listed on our Motivational Page
Deals with the innovations 
in cybercrime, espionage, surveillance and 
identity theft.
This book is loaded with techniques, beauty tips and skincare advice for those going through cancer therapy.
Listed on our Spiritual and  Motivational Page
In this historical novel, Yaley captures the intense drama of the two-month period leading up to the American Airlift 
in Saigon. The children are 
in peril and not much time 
to get them out.
Listed on our Motivational Page
People that have PTSD know how traumatic and debilitating it can be. This book by Richard Berg gives insight on the feelings 
and challenges PTSD 
sufferers face everyday.
Listed on our Spiritual and Motivational Page
This book explores the personalities of 9 saints and how they can relate to each of us.
Listed on our Spiritual Page